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Kings’ Scramble Winner – ME!!!

As per Quisp’s anagram name contest HERE, I worked my little ass off and figured them all out. Since no prize was awarded (what a jip) I gave myself one…

KnifeSetStake Knives

Anyway, here’s the list for anyone who cares. Some are hilarious!

A Hockey Smith: Thomas Hickey
Adrenal Fox Lover: Alexander Frolov
Advised We Risk: Davis Drewiske
Cello’s Armor: Oscar Moller
Cuddle Pertly: Teddy Purcell
Darn Horrid Scab: Brad Richardson
Dour Scribe: Rob Scuderi
Drop Her Later: Peter Harrold
Err Reeks Big: Erik Ersberg
Her Canny Bends: Brayden Schenn
Hand us Zilch, Ma: Michal Handzus
Hot Ninja Quack: Jonathan Quick
It Burns Down: Dustin Brown
Jay’s No Nerd: Randy Jones
Jilt Mini L.A. Wuss: Justin Williams
Junk Chicken Jogs for a Month: Jack “Motherfucking” Johnson
Met an Egret: Matt Greene
My Shy Rant: Ryan Smyth
No Darn Bagels: Brandon Segal
No Zip Karate: Anze Kopitar
Old Neon Lanes: Sean O’Donnell
One Kind Violator: Andrei Loktionov
Rattler’s Jolt: Jarret Stoll
Sew-On Dynamism (or) Damn Messy Wino (or) My Snowman Side: Wayne Simmonds
Spectators: Scott Parse
Tree Butt Clone: Colten Teubert
Visas in a Train: Raitis Ivanans
Wed Thy Gourd: Drew Doughty
You See Me Hooky? YOU EYE ME KOOSH! (Juraj Mikus)

    I suspect Quisp used the INTERNET ANAGRAM FINDER as an aid in his creation, but regardless, nice job! Check it out yourself. You’ll be surprised what your own name can spell!

    2 comments to Kings’ Scramble Winner – ME!!!

    • Quisp

      Oh, you’ll get your prize all right. Just you wait. (Seriously, all I have to do is come up with a good one. I do feel obligated.)

      • wavesinair

        Your response is all the prize I need. THAT was funny. Off topic, did you notice the new “site search” I put on the left of this site??? It’s a google tool and a pretty effective one too if you know what you’re looking for.