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Practice & The Lady in Red

Breakfast with the GM meant one thing this morning at the training facility. CROWDED. You can always tell when something is up when the parking lot is full. The meeting was still in progress when practice started, so the stands were relatively empty to start. There was one person in the stands, however, that got the attention of multiple players during warm ups. Particularly Hardy and Stoll…


Hockey Babe

…and me for that matter! It isn’t everyday that you see a beautiful woman watching practice all by herself.

First thing I noticed is that the lines hadn’t changed at all, which can only mean one thing. Brown is still up top. However, there is good news. According to Dr. Waves, Justin Williams is ready to play. The guy is skating and shooting really well. I see nothing in his play indicating he can’t go full tilt. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him in a game by Friday.

Terry Murray had the guys start with wave after wave of 3 on none drills starting in the defensive zone, through the middle, to the net then cycle the next line. Everyone got in on this, including the defensemen. Next up were 2 on 1 drills, making the D-men work hard. This went on for the majority of practice. At around 11:40, the GM breakfast ended and in came the crowd. So for the last bit of practice, the place was packed to the gills with season ticket holders.

14 comments to Practice & The Lady in Red

  • USHA@17

    Noticed your new icon, had no idea. Its no wonder your observations have been so keen.

    Good work. I’ve enjoyed your contributions to the blogs. Now move to the other corner and take a frontal shot.

    • wavesinair

      Thanks man. Yeah, I thought about chatting her up and taking a picture with her just for fun, but I chickened out.

  • USHA@17

    Most likely more interested in skate size then blogs…

    But, thanks for your posts. Many of your observations are quite astute, really enjoy them.

    I left LA years ago so only have FSW. Not many people to chat up there. Then again when I attend games not too many folks seemed to know much other then the ubiquitous “that guy really sucks”.

    Turned out my new neighbor was serving a life sentence as a Wings Fan…and I was stuck with the 96-03 Kings. Now that “really sucked” (except for Deadmarsh).

    The expanded game coverage and blogs have been great.

    Look forward to your ongoing input.

  • Um...The Lady In Red

    Thank you – you came up on the Kings twitter feed & have officially just made my day!

    Although I’d love to believe I caught Stoll’s eye, I’m pretty sure the looks were just because my season ticket is the one right behind the team bench & I briefly met Hardy w/team at Tip-A-King.

    Amazing & talented group of guys – I’m loving the season, so I’m psyched for the rest of the games and will definitely be back to see practice again!

    Still, you’re welcome to call me “Hockey Babe” or take a pic any time!


    • wavesinair

      That is so cool that you found this Serena. Thank you for being a sport. It’s so funny you say that about Stoll and Hardy, because when I saw you I thought you looked very familiar. But the last thing I was going to do was come over and say the lamest thing possible, “Hi, do I know you from somewhere?” So now that I think about it, I’m sure that I’ve seen you behind the bench. It all makes sense now. Although, I still think the guys were definitely checking you out. :) Next time I see you at practice, I’ll say hello.

  • VanKingsFan

    You get to go to Kings practices AND have the opportunity to hit on lady in red. LA might be a place for me …. but you chickened out!! Come on man!! Just start talking Kings hockey and most likely she will be interested

    • wavesinair

      Yes, well LA is indeed the kind of place for that sort of thing. However, just for the record, I never thought about *hitting on* her! I think the reason I didn’t talk to her was because it would appear as just that…

  • Dominick

    Hockey woman rule!
    Out of all the professional sports out there.Hockey has some of the most beautiful girls,compared to other sports.No professional sport holds a candle to college sports though.

  • USHA#17

    And here I thought I put my foot in it….

    Seriously, no…foolish, yes. All the best!

  • Is this the same woman who was at the practice? If so… she really does sit behind the Kings bench.

    • wavesinair

      Yes, that’s her. And yes, she really does. (I updated your link in my blogroll. I didn’t realize you had a new domain.)

  • Thanks for updating the link!