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It Feels Like the End


I get the feeling the Kings have already lost tonight’s game. I hope very much I’m wrong. I’d hate to have spent hard earned money on this game and see a similar performance as game 5, but I just get a sense they really don’t believe they can win this series.

Or is that just my own negativity talking?

Anyway, I guess I’m not the only one because RudyKelly and Quisp both answered the following (season-ending-like) questions. Quisp ended with, “I like these questions. Everyone should answer them.”

Ok. I will! I’ve also amended them to reflect our current situation because it ain’t over til it’s over.

Am I disappointed with the way the Kings have played this series (so far)?

Absolutely. The meltdown in game 4 was not what I’d expect from this year’s team. They choked and then choked again in game 5.

Do I wish the Kings had called up Jonathan Bernier?

Absolutely not. There are so many reasons this would be a bad idea. At the very least it would wreak of desperation.

Do I wish Randy Jones were shot into the Sun?

Randy is Randy. I’ve given up on him. But who else do we have? DL talked about getting another D-man and didn’t. Oh how we wish we had Lubo now. (Yeah, yeah, not possible. Blah, blah.)

Is Randy Jones the reason the Kings have lost any one game?

One game? No. Two games? Yes. Do I have any evidence to support this? His presence in the lineup. That’s all.

Is Terry Murray just an average in-game coach?

He’s the right coach for this team for now.

Does he deserve anything but adulation for his overall performance this (regular) season?

He’s done a fantastic job and deserves a ton of credit.

Has this been the best (regular) season since 1992-93?

For me, yes. I’d say it’s been my favorite regular season ever actually.

Do I have any regrets spending countless hours writing about a hockey team on the internet?

Actually, I haven’t spent enough time writing. I only regret not following more closely and sharing even more.

Do I want the Kings to win tonight?

Seriously? Dumb question. Sorry.

Will I be devastated if they lose?

I’m not nearly as invested emotionally as some people, but I do believe I will be more bummed the season is over than if they lose this particular game.

Am I proud of this team?

You bet your ass I am. I’m ecstatic I to have a Kings team I can be proud of again.

Would I change anything about this season?

Hindsight is 20/20 but you know what? No. I wouldn’t have changed a thing. It was a fantastic regular season just the way it was.

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  • USHA#17


    Knowing the team was a work in progress with limited expectations it wasn’t hard to not invest too much in the season.

    For a change the business aspects of the building process took over and just as fun to follow…even without coin smuggling, bank fraud, jet repossessions and no airport buses. (So why is it that so many sordid money things seem to follow Gretzky around?)

    Playoffs? Made clear what is required next season. Also showed a team too young to adhere and focus to their system.

    Looking forward to next season’s improved line up and the restoration of the space program to assist with Mr. Jones departure.