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As Draft Day Approaches

Kings Fans Pre-draft Party: Come on down to the Yard House restaurant (across from Staples) on Friday at 1pm. The draft begins at 4pm. I imagine most of us will head inside around 3. Everyone is welcome!

There’s been some talk on LA Kings Insider of a blog get-together this Friday before the draft. We put together the plan above to meet up at the Yard House for drinks and/or lunch. So far we have a small group confirmed. If you would like to go, you can email me to let me know or just show up.

Here’s a map of LA Live and the location of the Yard House…

LA Live Map - Click to enlarge

Ticket information: If you need a ticket, let me know and I’ll see what I can do. As for seating, I believe there are 2 kinds of tickets. One allows entry to the 300 level and the other to the 100/200 level. Even though assigned seats are listed on some tickets, it also clearly states that “All seating is general admission. First come, first served.” My guess is there will be plenty of seats, which of course means it will be shockingly crowded.

4 comments to As Draft Day Approaches

  • jnest

    Excellent Waves! I look forward to seeing the future Kings selected right before our eyes!

    Another “Sam” please bartender.

    • wavesinair

      Very cool! Long drive for you from San Diego. Looking forward to it. I heard you’re going to the coaches clinic on Thursday. Hope it goes well!

  • Thanks for the invite. I’ll stop by if I can (look for an Asian guy with a credential around his neck). The schedule for us media types is really tight, so I may have to miss it, though.