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And you thought Sutter was nuts?!?!

Meet Darryl Sutter’s last two assistant coaches. If there’s any chance we get these two guys on board then we are in for the time of our Kings Fans lives!

Former Blackhawks winger and Hawks/Flames/Sharks assistant coach, Rich Preston, is currently the head coach of the last place Lethbridge Hurricanes in the WHL. Checkout his Hockey Database profile HERE.

Rich Preston

During a game last season, Preston threw a plethora of water bottles on the ice, delaying the game for quite awhile before being thrown out… enjoy!

And now here’s former Blackhawks defenseman and Flames assistant/head coach, Jim Playfair. He is currently an assistant coach for the Phoenix Coyotes…under Dave Tippet. You can checkout his Hockey Database profile HERE.

Jim Playfair

Playfair, who was the head coach of the AHL’s Abbotsford Heat last season, lost his mind during game, breaking 2 sticks and tearing off his jacket… enjoy!

Please, please, please Darryl…hire these guys!

7 comments to And you thought Sutter was nuts?!?!

  • KingsfanFTW

    great our team going to be even more of a laughing joke of a team now…..three coaches going nuts=OMG RUN!!

  • How many shrinks does it take to run a hockey club?

    It’ll take 3 times as many as your answer to run this one if we hire these 3. WOW! We’re having trouble getting calls now as it is, this trifecta would almost guarantee no calls for us.

    Stick manufacturers will make MILLIONS though…

  • Lime

    Wait the Hanson brothers got offered coaching positions?

  • that’s not the emotional charge that this team needs…especially when conduct like this is more likely to raise the blood pressures of nhl brass rather than the…eh, um…compete-level of the team…and lead to suspensions…

    i remember the playfair incident…ironic name, no…?

    judging by the mood of today’s practice, the kings sound…sound…like they are turning the corner mentally…

    almost every nhl talking head has taken shots at the team’s fire, emotion and psyche over the last 48 hours – and those criticisms are absolutely justified…

    it would be so much more impressive to me if the players start to re-rake ownership of this season before a new coach is announced…if somebody who plays on the ice were to throw some pucks into the net, instead of sticks and water bottles, maybe it would cause the others to regain their mojo…

    then, they wouldn’t have to resort to youtube to find inspiration – they could just watch and be inspired by their own game tapes…

  • Maybe someone can make a dirty hit on Doughty…

    –Jest sayin’!

  • Jonsey

    I liked when Andy threw the stick rack. I wish Terry would have shown some emotion. Wade Redden was criticized for having no heart, but he just was a very calm guy. Just like the New Radicals’ front man couldn’t show emotion and so wore a hat to hide his apparent lack of interest in his own singing.

  • Mars

    OK, I wanted someone with more emotion than the wax figure Indian Statue selling Cigars. But this is NOT what I wanted.

    Well, it will be good for a laugh I suppose.