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Proof the new NHL realignment is a Kings plot to win the Stanley Cup

Does the shape of the new realignment remind you of anything?  Well it should. Work it, work it, work it…

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That’s right, it’s a “home plate” plot to take over the league! A gigantic, defense-first, home-plate attitude that covers the entire continent. This is unquestionable proof the Kings will win the Cup… someday… I hope… wait, did I just jinx us? Damn it.

Shaped like... victory! Kings do surf.


18 comments to Proof the new NHL realignment is a Kings plot to win the Stanley Cup

  • i like this because no 3-d glasses are required…(!)

    • Kingsfanone

      Oh, 3-D glasses not needed?

      No wonder I couldn’t see it with mine on!

      Nevermind! Move along……move along! :D

  • Kingsfanone

    You just jinxed it, dude! :D

  • KingsfanFTW

    wow why the Florida team with Boston Conferences if they way down there that got to suck

    • Yep, it’s totally weird. But they weren’t going to break up old rivalries so it had to be this way. Plus, they’re still in the eastern time zone so it will work out great for TV, which is really the main reason for all this.

  • Brandon

    Don’t you mean plot to win their second cup? This doesn’t go into effect until next year…

  • It either means that, or we’re going to DIE! It is on its side you know…

    Very perceptive Waves…you’re on to something.

    Just a thought relating to this, does the Staples Center looking like a giant eye with a stick poking through it have some hidden meaning about our team’s masochistic tendencies?

    • It’s on its side because it’s more aerodynamic that way. It’s a flying shield, penetrating the hearts and minds of all opponents who stand in it’s way. That effin Cup is OURS!!!

      The ‘giant eye’ of the castle known as Forum-East (of Inglewood), is the eye of the tiger. And the ‘stick’ is really a steely slit in it’s golden eye of vengeance, starring down any who enter it’s hallowed halls…a subliminal message to all enemies who enter that they will be eaten alive.

      That is all. Thou hath spoken enough.

  • Player-X

    This is getting good up in here, with all the smitin’ and striking down of enemies…This is obviously why we were able to give up the shield emblem, we knew the realignment would enhance our power to near invincibility.

  • Jonsey

    Never actually seen a map like that with the logos on it. Looking at it I really don’t get the new plan. I didn’t realize how much closer Colorado was compared to Van. I guess CA is much longer than it seems. We could be a whole country ourselves over here.

  • Jonsey

    P.S. An original six conference would have done so much more for the sport.