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SHOCK: There’s nothing wrong with the Kings lack of scoring

I got to thinking (uh oh).

What if the Kings problem has nothing to do with a lack of scoring? What if it has everything to do with a lack of fortitude? What if the Kings, under the weight of expectation, can’t handle the truth?

And the truth is, this team buckles under adversity. I’ll leave the why to others, but here’s the how…

If you take a look at the current standings, the Kings effectively sit in 9th place  -a full 1/3 of the way through this season. With 3 games in hand and just one point separating them, the Sharks are sure to overtake us soon.

If you look further up in the standings – in fact all the way up – you’ll find the Minnesota Wild sitting nicely in 1st place… you know, the team we play tomorrow. And the team we beat decidedly about a month ago, handing them one of their league-low 7 losses.

So then, how on Mikus’ white ice, are these numbers possible?

The Wild have 61 goals against. So do the Kings.
The Wild rank 3rd in average goals against. The Kings rank 4th.

Pretty even, right? Let’s continue…

The Wild have scored 67 goals this year. The Kings? 61.
The Kings are dead last in average goals per game. The Wild? Not too much better at 25th.

The tale of the tape comes next…

The Kings, when falling behind first, have won only 3 games.
The Wild, when trailing first, have won 12 -count ‘em- 12 games!

It’s a bit ironic they can’t count their game against the Kings as one of them. But then again, there’s tomorrow night.

for·ti·tude [fawr-ti-tood]
a noun
mental and emotional strength in facing difficulty, adversity, or lack of scoring. used in a sentence: “Never once did the Wild’s fortitude waver when down a goal.”

As I said, I’ll leave the why to others (I have some ideas though). But the bottom of the bottom line is that the Wild, despite abysmal scoring of their own, have found ways to win games and find themselves in a position where they know, as a team, they can overcome adversity and succeed in-spite of it.

The Kings, regardless of scoring and regardless of all the talk of having many chances and “good looks” and shots on net and traffic and on and on and on don’t seem to realize their poor start to this not-so-young season lies not on their sticks or systems but in their skulls.

4 comments to SHOCK: There’s nothing wrong with the Kings lack of scoring

  • Man, you weren’t kidding when you told me you had some scary stats. The ultimate would be to have Terry Murray himself read these stats and give his excu….errrr explanation. Wonder who’s fault it would end up being.

    Your post made me look at Minny’s roster. It’s almost like looking in a mirror overall talent-wise regarding the forwards (Except we have 2 #1 centers). That explains a few things like they have guys that can finish (Heatley, Setoguchi, Koivu, Marc-Bouchard)but are having the same problem we are, so that means we’re not alone in ineptitude.

    Look at their D-corps though. THIS rubs MORE salt in the wound. I recognize 3 guys : Zanon, Zidlicky and Schultz. None of those guys are household names and the other 6 on the roster are even less so. To date, their entire D- corps has 5 goals. FIVE! That’s it! Jack Johnson has 5 goals BY HIMSELF! (Total all D- has 15 goals). Guess the Kings D- is doing a better job than most thought.

    Add the fact that Quick is playing like a man possessed and the only place player-wise to look for answers is the forwards.

    THEN you add Dustin Brown’s comments about transition play and confusion on the rushes (Long & Quick through the neutral zone) and it brings me to a conclusion like that of a Univac computer machine in the Wile E. Coyote & RoadRunner cartoons (Which RULE!):

    The Goalies & D- are fine BECAUSE of the defensive system in play. The forwards are HINDERED by the defensive system in play BECAUSE the offensive system isn’t really a ‘System’ but a ‘Mentality’ (Sound Familiar?). If there IS a system in force, it is based around the ‘Mentality’, not the other way around like it should be.

    Proof? How many times have you seen rushes up ice where we make cross passes in the neutral zone like we’re suppposed to and we still end up dumping the puck in deep? How about when we do get close around the goal mouth, how many times have you seen players continue to pass the puck instead of shoot, even when they have the shot? How many times do you see forwards taking shots from outside the dots instead of in the slot? NONE of that should be the norm or majority in an offensive system. Those things happen regularly during times of disarray or broken plays.

    Follow me here…

    The coaches preach ‘Shot Mentality’, ‘Get Pucks Deep, make the D- turn and Chase to win the puck battles’, and ‘Low to High Passing’. Seems pretty straighforward, right? Look at the times we have executed these things, we’ve been DOMINATE! That’s great. Now what comes before that? ENTRY THROUGH THE NEUTRAL ZONE!

    Where do offensive systems start? IN THE NEUTRAL ZONE! What’s our neutral zone directives? Cross Ice passing with speed. What happens when we don’t execute? Dump & Chase. If the majority of our neutral zone play is dump & chase, there is a flaw in the neutral zone ‘system’. Dump & chase is a last resort to try and gain possession in the o-zone the HARD way. Most times you lose those battles and possession.

    (We’ve come to the main point) THIS is where I really blame the coaches here. If one or two players are not executing, it’s a player thing. THIS is a TEAM WIDE ISSUE! ALL the players are not executing in the neutral zone. THAT is a SYSTEM Issue. Isn’t it? Or is the whole team flawed? All you have to do is watch how the Ducks execute a breakout to understand the difference. It was really apparent to me last night. If you don’t execute in the Neutral zone effectively, how are you going to do it in the O-zone???

    More important, how are you going to SCORE? I don’t wonder why we’re not scoring goals, I’m wondering why we won’t fix the REAL problem so we can!

    Maybe if we watch all the Wild games from this season….. /fingers bleeding

  • Kingsfanone

    Hey waves. (Mr. Waves to me! :D )

    The Kings poor record, scoring, starts, whatever, are caused by only 1 thing.

    It’s all Bailey’s fault. Trust me on this. No explanations, no reasons. That’s it. There, I’ve said it.

    Fire Bailey.

  • variable

    it’s always great when you summon yr inner dl on a post, C…(!)

    again, very little separates teams from one another in this league…

    and as you both have indicated…which has been primarily backed up by dl in his own james joyce way today on itk…attitude and execution have got us holding our heads in our hands…

    the team needs to be reminded that you still skate with yr feet and still need to shoot with a stick…

  • KingsfanFTW

    i feel like the comments have to be long sentences when am on this site…

    Well i feel free since i can comment freely then the insider since i have that Awaiting thingy for past 9 months now…..:/

    yea but the Kings got to score more than 2 goals a game :/…….Nice post and stats one good positive but then one bad because we have talent on this team and they just not doing it.