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Bernie Nicholls Returns to the Kings? – The MEGA Practice Video Edition

Pictures are worth a thousand strides. Here are 16 videos from today’s practice with Bernie Nicholls on the ice as Kings consultant. I have to wonder when the last time Nicholls was at a Kings practice in an official capacity. It was probably as a player.

*Read video descriptions on youtube by clicking the youtube icon on each video.

3 comments to Bernie Nicholls Returns to the Kings? – The MEGA Practice Video Edition

  • pautna

    Love the vids. Thanks!

  • thanks for putting these up – i watched all 16…(!)

    hopefully, this mean slava plays tomorrow night…he looks like he’s recovered well, as he was showing good vertical movement…

  • one of the things i always notice when you post these practice videos is how the team is so “drill” oriented…and that “set plays” are not usually designed during practice or tried…

    i realize that there’s some crossover between the two and that because of the nature of the sport, it’s hard to recreate exactly what’s gonna happen in a game…and that the team might actually have set plays they practice, but we just don’t get to see them as much…

    i guess, in many ways, a player’s positioning in situations is more important than anything else…but the higher-skilled teams seem to be able to call a designed play during game action without calling a time-out…

    maybe i wrong about this approach…i know it’s not basketball…but you would think a few more designed plays during practice wouldn’t hurt, no…?