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Kingstradamus: Game 9 Predictions

Fire extinguisher anyone? Anyone?

What is this about? Matt Murray from Life in Hockeywood proposed a Kings blogger prediction panel for the rest of the season. Seven websites are represented on the panel and we simply predict the score of the game and give a reason why we believe it will turn out that way. Also invited are commenters from LA Kings Insider to compete against us!

Playing: Simply predict the score of the game and give a reason why you think it will go that way. I will email you before every game to get your predictions.

Scoring: A win gets you 2 points. Or a correct score gets you 3 points (exacta). Or a correct score (along with regulation, overtime or shootout correct) gets you 4 points (perfecta). Standings will be sorted by Points, Win/Loss, Plus/Minus, Exacta/Perfecta.

Playoffs: The Top 10 predictors in the standings at the end of the regular season will qualify for the esteemed Playoff Prediction Panel. You will be looked upon for guidance on blogs and admired all across the Kingdom. Trumpets will sound wherever you go. There’s still loads of time to crack the Top 10.

Plus/Minus: The way this is set up, everyone will probably finish in the minus. That’s just the way it is. The best you can do in any give game is an Even or +3 or +4. There’s no limit on the minus. You get a -1 for every goal you’re wrong in your prediction. Then one of the following… If you predict one correct score then you get a +1. If you predict the total number of goals in the game correct then you get a +1. If you predict the exact score then you get a +3. If you predict the exact score and ending (reg/ot/so) then you get a +4.

What do I Win?: This was just for fun to start but I figured there should be some kind of prize for the winner. I’ll figure it out and post it here.

*Predictions are sorted by current standings. Bloggers are in bold and linked to their respective websites.

PREDICTIONS – Game 9 of 32

The Calgary Flames versus Your Los Angeles Kings

CB14 I think the Kings have a good chance of winning this game because of how bad Calgary is on the road, but I’m still not picking them until they show me they can score consistantly. Flames 2-1 SO
trytodethroneus Kings get a couple of Charlie Simmer tap in goals while giving the flamers a doughnut to choke on. Kings 3-0
Bobby Scribe Because hope springs eternal. Kings 3-2
40YearKingsFan Quick will be stellar as usual and the Kings will grind out a playoff type win. Questions about scoring will continue but the Kings will get 2 dirty goals and an empty netter at the end. Just enough. Kings 3-1
wavesinair There’s no reason to believe this game will be much different than the last. We’ll hold the Flames to 1 goal, no doubt. But will the Kings score one of their own? Let alone 2? All signs point to hell yes! They’ll bury those chances this time because, well, because I say so! :) Kings 3-1
Jon Gillette Well, the Kings HAVE to win, don’t they? But, of course the Flames will get a point. Let’s not get too out of control and separate from the pack. Wouldn’t want Kings fans to sleep easy. Kings 3-2 OT
Dominick Biggest slacker of all time.
variable Because we’re gonna score 2 goals hopefully before our whole top 9 are offered in a Rick Nash deal, aren’t we?  Why not do it at home against Kiprusoff(?) Kings 2-1
Matt Murray Coming off an embarrassing loss to divisional rival Phoenix, coach Sutter will have this squad ready to respond. After all, the defense is still working. Quick is still working. The PK unit is still working. Let’s hope the boys can put all the trade talk on the back burner and unleash hell. Kings 2-0
McSorleyfan I’m afraid the skid continues  with nothing of note changed since Thursday. Flames 3-1
Meg Jarrell Because this team refuses to obey my expectations and I’m willing to have MY record take a hit if it means this team can FINALLY find a way to score. Flames 3-1
LBLocal Playoff hockey is already here. Kings 2-1 SO
Kingsfanone Because the other two Legend Games were losses by that same score, so why not? I don’t see the Kings getting out of this scoring funk either, and why isn’t Kompon fired yet? Nicholls “coaching” isn’t gonna really set in until JK is gone. Kings now drop out of the playoff picture with this loss. Flames 2-1
The Royal Half It’s a 3-2 league and Brent wants to be just like his big brother, Darryl. Flames 3-2
Quisp Quiter
Cynic Because I’m a dreamer, a real soul searcher, and I believe Coach Sutter has some pictures that Iginla and Cammaleri  don’t want leaked to the press. Kings 4-2
Hipcheck Sadly the scoring woes will not end, nor will they ever. Wayne Simmonds will have a better chance of scoring for the Kings tonight. Flames 2-1
jnasty-dt Kings go up 2-0 early then let it squander
away in the third.
Flames 3-2 SO
KC23 Kings number 1 line sets the pace. Kings 3-2
Forum Gold Iginla scores for the Flames. When I go against our Kings they WIN. They need a Win so bad. Unknown sources for the 2 goals by the Kings but probably not a forward. Flames 3-2 OT
Player-X Kings need a win, flames just had an overtime loss, but our desperation had damn well better outweigh theirs. Kings 3-2 R
KingsFanFTW Reason because their pattern is win one game and then lose the next and the Kings lost agianst the Coyotes but will win against the Flames. Kings 2-1 OT
SeemsAGoodFellow Kings empty netter to seal it with 31 seconds left. Kings 3-1
Jeff_R Slacker

wave’s notes: Show some spirit people. Who’s prediction is your favorite? Or talk some friggin smack!

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