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We Got Carter

So, Dean Lombardi did it.  He made the move that many had suspected he had to in acquiring Jeff Carter for defensemen Jack Johnson and a first-round pick in either 2012 or 2013, depending on whether or not the Kings make the playoffs this season.

Am I surprised?  Absolutely not.

Am I happy about it?  Not really, but understand why Lombardi felt compelled to make it happen today.

Will it help?  Well, it could, but I’m not sure just exactly how much it can.

Lombardi put himself in this desperate situation due to several factors.  Going back to last season, his trades, free agent signings and several of his organizational call-ups/player promotions haven’t panned out.  Dustin Penner has been a complete bust.  Simon Gagne has been concussed and proven to be more of a risk than a reward at this point.  Scott Parse has chronically bad hips.  Trent Hunter couldn’t find himself here.  Ethan Moreau couldn’t find himself here or in Manchester either.  Kyle Clifford hasn’t made anyone forget about Wayne Simmonds this season.  Trevor Lewis hasn’t done much of anything on offense.  Andrei Loktionov went goalless for 33 games as our third-line center.

I can go on and on, but why?  We all know how we got here.  The question now is whether or not acquiring Carter will change the course of where we are heading.

What do you think?

Carter (behind the babes) gets reunited with his former teammate and drinking buddy Mike Richards. Here's hoping Carter scores as well with the Kings on the ice as he appears to have off of it.

15 comments to We Got Carter

  • Nicely done, nicely written. You summed it up perfectly and that picture is the (!)

    I think he’ll definitely score more off the ice but we can’t expect him to score 100 goals can we? ;)

  • KingsFanFTW

    i say it is what it is..Anything can happen maybe he will help the Kings score maybe not but never know

  • {I wish, to be, either of those guys.. Hockey/Babe/Wallet envy}

    No wonder everyone calls it, LA LA land. JUST F*IN WIN! gKg!

    • @LBlocal:

      And just think… that picture was probably in Philly.

      Lookout lala land!

    • @LBlocal:

      i imagine lots of fluids were involved on the night when that pic was taken…

      hey, if he’s able to make our offense more fluid…hell…let him FLOW when he wants, as much as he wants and with any or all whom he wants to…as long as he practices…eh, um…safe stick with them…(!)

      if he needs a valet or a tour guide, i’m available to work for cheap, ’cause it looks like there’s plenty of fringe/binge/peripheral/superficial benefits that will add up…(!)

  • Michael Richards ‏ @MRichie_10 @10:35PM via Twitter
    Reunited and it feels so good…… Excited to be back playing with carts #needaroommate

  • CB14

    I don’t like it. No one has been able to score once they get here, why would Carter be any different? Plus his contract is horrible.


    “This should be the recruitment picture for the Kings to lure Jack Johnson from Michigan.” How ironic. gKg!

    • @LBlocal:

      yeah…but i’m willing to guess that because cammy was invovled, no one got laid that night…except for cammy…who after he got turned down and slapped by all three of them bitchazzz for suggesting that they should let him put his biscuit in each of their baskets, he probably picked up a tranny at benito’s tacos in weho and got handled behind a denny’s parking lot…

      • Dominick


        Our defense is tied with Vancouver for 3rd best (in the league) in goals scored by the defense, and 3rd in goals against (in the league) overall. Our forwards are so “last” in goals scored, that it has dragged our total offensive numbers as a team, to 30th (in the league) in goals scored.

        Somehow DL found it necessary to trade our 2nd highest scoring defenseman, and highest goal scoring defenseman on the power play to Columbus in an attempt to improve our offense.

        I’ve always felt that “system” was the major issue, and seeing us drop to 30th, and fire Murray was where the line should of been drawn.

        DL chose not to believe “system” was the issue when he kept the coaching staff intact (Kompon), and hired another defense first coach with instructions not to blow up the system, but inspire the team to play harder, and tweak the system to work better.

        Sutter has done his job, but we are still 30th in goals scored, and regularly score 1 or less a night. DL painted himself into a corner by not dealing with “system”, or the coaching staff (Kompon), and now JJ has become the sacrificial lamb.

        I hope Carter starts scoring, but it still doesn’t deal with what I believe is the real issue, and when Carters numbers eventually drop, we are gonna be in trouble, because I think DL will never admit that “system” is the real issue. :cry:

        • Dominick

          @Dominick: Oh yea! He also added a 1rst rounder to that. Did I mention I hate this deal? Not so much Carter, but the fact that it was so unneccssary.

  • kings4queens

    I’m almost at the end of my rope with this team. Couple the frustration with the huge increase in tix and I’m just about done.

    But I do like this deal. Carter missed many games so far this season but they were because of a broken foot from blocking a shot…stuff like that. He’s a proven 30+ scorer and coupled with Richards, he could do the same, and maybe ignite the rest of the team. Unless the curse of the Kings falls upon him and then we are screwed….again

  • jnasty-dt

    Hey, did you guys hear that the Philadelphia Eagles were moving to L.A. and that Kobe was traded to Pilly for the entire 76er team and that the Phillies are considering moving to Riverside and that President Obama wants to relocate the Liberty Bell to Long Beach……anyone want to meet up for cheesesteaks for lunch?

  • Kingsfanone

    I hear Pat’s & Geno’s are moving to Long Beach! Cool, cheesesteak sandwiches! :D

  • Kingsfanone

    BTW Flyers ain’t installing their “system” with the Kings.

    Don’t expect miracles, kids. Kings still play their system. Anyone notice how well the Monarchs are doing? They play the same system!

    Lombardi is now “all in.” Kings better make the playoffs.