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Kingstradamus: Game 15 Predictions

Duck for dinner sounds GREAT!

waves’ notes: Glad to see so many ‘Kings win’ predictions. Easily the most of any game so far with only 3 people (and one cereal character) picking the quacks. 5 more games with Pacific division teams. This is one of them. This is huge. Must kill, must cook, must eat. The only good duck is dead duck!

PREDICTIONS – Game 15 of 32

The Anaheim Ducks versus Your Los Angeles Kings

CB14 I’m not convinced the recent 4 goal games were a sign of things to come. Ducks 2-1 R
trytodethroneus It’s the dux 5th game in 7 days, 3rd in 4 days, off a back to back. There is no excuse for losing this game. The one concern is towards the end of the game, that the cheap shot dux don’t injure anyone. Kings 4-2
Matt Murray The Kings’ offense is slowly coming around, finally catching up to their All-Star goaltender’s stellar season. The Carter/Richards Connection will finally connect, and the power play will ignite. Could this be the start of their playoff push? Kings 3-0
40YearKingsFan At the very least the Kings have to win the home end of this rivalry as the Ducks are becoming a very real threat for the #8 spot.  The Kings will remember the end of last year and respond! Kings 3-1
McSorleyfan Periodically at this time of year I’m forced to hand off the tickets to my wife  and leave town on business. Two years ago this resulted in the Kings beating the Quacks in my absence. Kings 3-2 R
Forum Gold Kings win and move into a tie for 8th. Williams scores the game winner as the Kings faithful (including Forum Gold attending his first Duck game at Staples) go crazy. Carter scores 2 and is already a fan favorite. Were off to Nashville to change our tune. Kings 4-3 SO
The Royal Half Depsite 4 goals from Jeff Carter… oh, wait… cool.. Jeff Carter scores 4 goals and the Kings win! Kings 4-0
KingsFanFTW Reason because the Kings not known to get a winning streak. Ducks 3-2 R
Jon Gillette The Ducks have been trying to scare us recently but it all came to an end against the Sabers. The Kings are going to put the finishing touches on the misery in Anaheim. And, 4-0… When the Kings roll, that appears to be HOW they roll. Kings 4-0
wavesinair I know it’s not a rivalry that rivals a bitter playoff rivalry, but hey, it’s a pretty exciting game nonetheless, right? It’s shaping up to be a bad-blood type of game, and I certainly hope it lives up to the billing. With our own offensive threat to rival Perry, I’m looking at this to be the game where Carter makes his mark. Quick will be so rested and ready to put his team on his back if need be, but I don’t think it will come to that. Still, it’s a tough call considering what’s on the line for both clubs. I just hope we pummel their top guys all night long. Carter with the chicken dinner. Kings 3-2 OT
Meg Jarrell It will be the typical Kings-Ducks slugfest, but pride — and the playoffs are at stake. Kings 3-2 OT
Kingsfanone A tight playoff type physical game ensues, and I think the Kings win it in a overtime stunner. Rival time. Kings make a statement with the win, Carter nets his first as a King. Kings 3-2 OT
Dominick [Dominick enjoys the changed system, up-tempo transition through the neutral zone and marvels at the solid fore-checking Kings in their home victory. ~waves] Kings 3-1
Bobby Scribe Surly’s birthday. They must win. Kings 5-3
Cynic Both teams MUST win, but we’re at home and we’ve sucked at home this year. This team MUST make a statement for the playoff push. This team MUST win its home games with so many left on the road. Do all these ‘Musts’ equal wins? Not exactly, but I’m expecting the extra effort to make it happen. One MUST that will happen: I MUST drink more beer to get through this season. Tequila optional (and welcome). Kings 3-2 R
LBLocal A riotous feeling in LA regardless of outcome. Kings 3-1
KC23 Bottom 6 finally add some secondary scoring for the Kings. Kings 3-2
TheRealQuisp Two words: Frosted Flakes. Ducks 5-1
Hipcheck Kings rookie continue to be the difference both on the scoreboard and on the fight card. Jeff Carter comes alive and Brown does his thing.  Willie Mitchell scored the GW goal…that what he does against the Ducks. Kings 4-3 OT
variable Both teams are Kung Fu Pao fighting for points.  I expect a lot ‘o’ chippiness, with the Kings landing the final blow in a shootout.  Dustin Brown with the SO winner – bonus prediction! Kings 3-2 SO
jnasty-dt Because I suck at picking, I’m going with the ducks 4-2… GO KINGS GO!!! Ducks 4-2
Player-X Kings 27 minutes in penalties, Ducks 35. Score? Kings 5-3

*Predictions are sorted by current standings. Bloggers are in bold and linked to their respective websites.

What is this about? Matt Murray from Life in Hockeywood proposed a Kings blogger prediction panel for the last 32 games of the season. Seven websites are represented on the panel and we simply predict the score of the game and give a reason why we believe it will turn out that way. Also invited are commenters from LA Kings Insider to compete against us!

Playing: Simply predict the score of the game and give a reason why you think it will go that way. I will email you before every game to get your predictions.

Scoring: A win gets you 2 points. Or a correct score gets you 3 points (exacta). Or a correct score (along with regulation, overtime or shootout correct) gets you 4 points (perfecta). Standings will be sorted by Points, Win/Loss, Plus/Minus, Exacta/Perfecta.

Playoffs: The Top 10 predictors in the standings at the end of the regular season will qualify for the esteemed Playoff Prediction Panel. You will be looked upon for guidance on blogs and admired all across the Kingdom. Trumpets will sound wherever you go. There’s still loads of time to crack the Top 10.

Plus/Minus: Minus are only counted if you lose. Otherwise, the worst you can get is Even. If you lose, you get a -1 for every goal you’re wrong in your prediction. Then one of the following… If you predict one correct score then you get a +1. If you predict the total number of goals in the game correct then you get a +1. If you predict the exact score then you get a +3. If you predict the exact score and ending (reg/ot/so) then you get a +4.

What do I win?: Not sure yet. The winner will get something though.

11 comments to Kingstradamus: Game 15 Predictions

  • Kingsfanone

    A exciting 3rd period! Cmon boys, bring it home!

    Waves wants to go to a Chinese restaurant for roast duck. Me too! Yummy!

  • So many exactas foiled! try nailed it.

  • KingsFanFTW

    Congratulation,,trytodethroneus!U got the right Score!!!

    Good job…

    Woot good night for us Kings fan!!

    Am sooo glad i got my prediction wrong

  • Dominick

    Damn it all! Both teams scored too much. Tuesday is revenge day. 2-1 Kings, Bernier gets the start.

  • Forum Gold

    Congrats trytodethroneus. Still believe in our chances to make it to the playoffs and could not be happier that it was at the expense of the hated ones. ATT: wavesinair, no props for calling JC to score 2 goals? Tough crowd as Rodney Dangerfield would say. GO KINGS GO!!!

  • Forum Gold

    Kingsfanone, Thanks. I was at the game and after the 1st one I told the fans around me he would score one more. Lots of high fives when he did and had he been able to lift the puck on the backhand we would have thrown our hats. Huge 2 points for us and a tough game comming up. GKG.

  • Forum Gold

    Thanks wavesinair. It’s really fun when you post the predictions to read them and then after the game go back and see again what was said. This Die Hard appreciates the hard work you put into this. Kings playoff hockey is comming. GKG