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Kingstradamus: Game Predictions

Lucky number 7? Bruins haven't won in LA since 2007


Game 25 of 32 – Kings vs. Bruins

Kings & Queen
trytodethroneus KINGS had an unusual 5pm game vs chi (4-0) a few weeks ago. Since this start is 1 hour later, the visitors get a token goal. Kings 4-1
40YearKingsFan The Kings can’t afford to be flat again in the first. I think they’ll come out flying and then weather a tough storm at the end. Kings 3-2 R
McSorleyfan Kings 5-2 versus Bahston. Looking back, the Bruins are on or they’re Really off, and when they’re off, teams have been getting 6 against them. When they’re on they get 3; I say they’re off facing the Kings, who score a few. Kings 5-2
Meg Jarrell The Kings are on a hot streak and focused on KEEPING their division lead, and the B’s are slumping hard. And we all know West > East! Kings 3-1
Forum Gold In front of 18,118 devoted fans the Kings post a 2-1 win in regulation against the defending Stanley Cup Champions. Penner and Brown score for the Kings and Quick comes up big again with a save on Tyler Seguin as time runs out. 7 in a row and were off to see the TWINS. Kings 2-1 R
The Royal Half Hey, remember that great season the Boston Bruins are having? They have 1 more point than the Los Angeles Kings. Kings 4-2
variable Why stop now? Kings 3-2
Jon Gillette Why the hell not? 6 in a row and looking great at exactly the right time. Maintain the lead in the Pacific and we see the Kings get go into the second round of the playoffs. There’s no limit from there. Kings 4-2
LBLocal The rough and tough Bruins going through major road woes. They keep it close late, but the Kings prevail. Kings 4-3
wavesinair Bruins haven’t beaten the Kings in LA since 2007 so why start now? Plus, Boston has lost 5 of 7, with many huge swings in scores. But tonight will be a tight game, ending in a shootout. Kings 3-2 SO
Dominick Battle Royale between 2 goalies who have nothing but respect for each other. Both will be on their game tonight. Kings 2-1 R
Matt Murray Since I’m pretty much all in at this point, I’m calling for the Kings to win and win big. Did I mention the Kings had won five straight vs. Boston until this season when that streak was snapped in Boston back in December? Revenge is sweet my friend. Kings 6-2
CB14 Jonathan Quick loves playing against Timmie Thomas, and
he’ll come out on top tonight with another amazing performance.
Kings 1-0
Player-X ?
Hipcheck I dont want this dream to end.  Kings 5-2
Cynic I don’t have time to give a reason. They just win tonight, OK? Is that alright with you? Why do you need a reason? Are you nosey? Do you have security issues that I have to reinforce? Can you not come up with something witty and funny on your own? Does peanut butter give you hives? Can you write your name in the snow without bending over? See, look what you’ve made me I’M Nosey. Kings 3-1
Kingsfanone I’ve gotta keep going with the Boys, especially with how well they are playing. I think they keep playing well, now it’s just how Boston is playing. Seems there is some doubts leaking into their minds now, maybe some worries? We’ll see tonite, won’t we? Kings continue on this hot streak and solidify their position. Bring it! Kings 2-1
KC23 Carter gets his first hat trick as a King. Quick sets new King shut out record. Kings 5-0
KingsFanFTW Reason because we cant keep on winning Bruins 3-2 R

*Predictions are sorted by current standings. Bloggers are in bold and linked to their respective websites.

What is this about? Matt Murray from Life in Hockeywood proposed a Kings blogger prediction panel for the last 32 games of the season. Seven websites are represented on the panel and we simply predict the score of the game and give a reason why we believe it will turn out that way. Also invited are commenters from LA Kings Insider to compete against us!

Playing: Simply predict the score of the game and give a reason why you think it will go that way. I will email you before every game to get your predictions.

Scoring: A win gets you 2 points. Or a correct score gets you 3 points (exacta). Or a correct score (along with regulation, overtime or shootout correct) gets you 4 points (perfecta). Standings will be sorted by Points, Win/Loss, Plus/Minus, Exacta/Perfecta.

Playoffs: The Top 10 predictors in the standings at the end of the regular season will qualify for the esteemed Playoff Prediction Panel. You will be looked upon for guidance on blogs and admired all across the Kingdom. Trumpets will sound wherever you go. There’s still loads of time to crack the Top 10.

Plus/Minus: Minus are only counted if you lose. Otherwise, the worst you can get is Even. If you lose, you get a -1 for every goal you’re wrong in your prediction. Then one of the following… If you predict one correct score then you get a +1. If you predict the total number of goals in the game correct then you get a +1. If you predict the exact score then you get a +3. If you predict the exact score and ending (reg/ot/so) then you get a +4.

What do I win?: Not sure yet. The winner will get something though.

3 comments to Kingstradamus: Game Predictions

  • Quite the myopic bunch, we are… gKg!

  • KingsFanFTW

    yup i was right :(…well not the score tho..

    Kings look pathetic out there yea they out shot them but they didnt put good pressure..

    Kings didnt win any games against the Defending Champions last year and this year..What a joke..Oh well cant win them all..Hope they turn it around and win it against the Canucks