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Kingstradamus: Game Predictions


Game 26 of 32 – Kings vs. Canucks

Kings & Queen
trytodethroneus ‘nucks 1st home game back from a 4 games in 6 days roadie, minus a ginger. KINGS will do just enough to get by tonight. Kings 3-2 R
40YearKingsFan Because if we’re seriously a playoff team, we bounce back.  The playoffs are as much about how you respond to a loss as they are about anything.  My faith is in Sutter’s experience on this one. Kings 4-2
McSorleyfan The ‘Nucks come out flat-footed and the KIngs get 2 goals early; Ginger 1 is lost without Ginger 2, and wanders aimlessly while drooling and muttering Oh Canada under his breath. Kings 3-1
Meg Jarrell This is an enemy we know. An enemy we hate. A win we now desperately need. It will be done. Kings 3-2
Forum Gold We play well in this building and can beat Luongo so Kings win 3-1 and get back on track with goals from Williams, Brown and Carter. Kings 3-1
The Royal Half Saturday the Kings struggled to get the puck past an All-World Goaltender. At least tonight in Vancouver they don’t have to worry about that. Kings 5-2
variable I kind of want to give two predictions today:  3-1 Vancouver if Cory Schneider starts and 3-1 Kings if Roberto Luongo does.  Bobby Lou has been up and down of late.  He’s been strong his last two starts which means he’s due to have a clunker tonight if he’s in net.  On the other hand, Schneider has been excellent all season long and has only allowed 10 goals in his last 7 appearances. In many ways, the Kings aspire to roll four lines consistently like the Nyuks, and like their last opponent, the Bruins.  Great game against Boston, but the Kings came up just a bounce short.  I don’t like going against the team during this vital stretch, but this is gonna be a tough one to pull out.  And I really hate the Green Men, too. Nucks 3-1
Jon Gillette I’m sticking with it! We’ve all seen how easy it is to get Vancouver off their game. Play physical and win the game. Kings 4-2
wavesinair Stop the bleeding or take another step back? Hmmm. The Kings haven’t been much of a rebound team this season. But they are playing really well and the Canuckleheads don’t have a whole lot of incentive right now after wrapping up their division. I’m thinking the Kings either they score 5 or 1 tonight. I’m thinking they’ll need a 2 game setback to properly motivate them. If they win tonight, they win the Pacific, if not, they barely squeak in and face either the Blues or these guys. Prove me wrong tonight boys. Nucks 3-1
Dominick Silent but deadly. Kings 4-1
Matt Murray The luster is off of this late-season revival. Their loss to Boston caused them to fall out of the third spot and into the 8th spot. That shows you just how tight this race is. Vancouver is looking to kick off their homestand with a bang. They’ll get that tonight. Nucks 3-2
CB14 Will the Kings offense come alive again? I hope so, but
i’m not betting on it.
Nucks 3-1
Player-X A Canuck has his tongue. Nucks 3-2 OT
Hipcheck Kings avenge the Boston loss and get back to putting 4 spots on the board. 4 line scoring mojo pays dividends and a final 3rd period line brawl sees superman Jon Quick snap Alex Burrows spine over his knee, roll Burrows into a ball and drop kick him into the cheap seats of GM place. Kings 4-2
Cynic Quick gets pissed for not shutting the door last game. Stones the Nucks by standing on his head. This game will make the Canucks NOT want to face us in the playoffs. We also hate the Canucks. Reason enough to get the win and leave them severely beaten. Kings 2-0
Kingsfanone Mainly cuz I heard from someone that its a 3-2 league, and the Kings have a ways to go to reach the killer instinct of the Nucks. Hate them, but gotta admire their mental toughness, or “dirty play.” Maybe some of it rubs off on our boys tonite, maybe not. We’ll see. This is only a test. (where have I heard that before?) Go Kings! Nucks 3-2
KC23 The Kings offense has him speechless. Kings 3-2
KingsFanFTW Because Kings want to get in the playoffs! Well i do want them so it s must win!! Kings 3-1

*Predictions are sorted by current standings. Bloggers are in bold and linked to their respective websites.

What is this about? Matt Murray from Life in Hockeywood proposed a Kings blogger prediction panel for the last 32 games of the season. Seven websites are represented on the panel and we simply predict the score of the game and give a reason why we believe it will turn out that way. Also invited are commenters from LA Kings Insider to compete against us!

Playing: Simply predict the score of the game and give a reason why you think it will go that way. I will email you before every game to get your predictions.

Scoring: A win gets you 2 points. Or a correct score gets you 3 points (exacta). Or a correct score (along with regulation, overtime or shootout correct) gets you 4 points (perfecta). Standings will be sorted by Points, Win/Loss, Plus/Minus, Exacta/Perfecta.

Playoffs: The Top 10 predictors in the standings at the end of the regular season will qualify for the esteemed Playoff Prediction Panel. You will be looked upon for guidance on blogs and admired all across the Kingdom. Trumpets will sound wherever you go. There’s still loads of time to crack the Top 10.

Plus/Minus: Minus are only counted if you lose. Otherwise, the worst you can get is Even. If you lose, you get a -1 for every goal you’re wrong in your prediction. Then one of the following… If you predict one correct score then you get a +1. If you predict the total number of goals in the game correct then you get a +1. If you predict the exact score then you get a +3. If you predict the exact score and ending (reg/ot/so) then you get a +4.

What do I win?: Not sure yet. The winner will get something though.

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