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Kingstradamus: Game Predictions

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Game 27 of 32 – Kings vs. Flames

Kings & Queen
trytodethroneus KINGS won’t give the flamers any ppg that dallas was so generous with the other night. Hopefully Quick won’t be generous, either. Kings 3-1
40YearKingsFan Because if they lose this one their season begins swirling in the toilet bowl and they’re not ready for that.  They will bring everything they have and squeak out a win over a desperate Calgary team. Kings 2-1 R
McSorleyfan I’m going with Kings 4-2. I expect some rather banged up boys are playing against the Flames tonight. While I’m not sure about this one, going Kings 4-2 Regulation because, if we can’t get this one, we’re in trouble so deep not much else matters. Kings 4-2
variable I think this might be one of the most surprisingly physical games of the season because it’s the last time Darryl and Brent will meet during the regular season and because both team have so much at stake. The Kings come out shooting and take the lead early on, only to see the Flames come back and make a game of it.  Kings prevail, though, but it won’t come easy. Kings 3-2
Meg Jarrell Because without a win, Kings playoff hopes are going up in flames… Kings 3-1
Forum Gold “It’s Time for Dodger Baseball”. Hold on a minute Vince. The Sutter brothers have a 3-2 leauge of their own going on and its the ninth inning. I’m so worried that the ex- Kings are going to get us but I am a believer and am going with my heart on this one and believe the box score will show Kings 3 Calgary 2 in extra innings, I mean regulation.  Must game for the Kingdom. Kings 3-2 R
The Royal Half Because the Kings are the most abusive relationship I’ve ever been in. Kings 1-0 SO
A must win for both teams but Coach Mumbles finds a way to pull out a ‘W’
Kings 3-2 SO
wavesinair Flames are in a prime position to salvage their season and put the hurt on the Kings as well as the other Sutter brother. Last time they played, the Flames won 1-0 and pushed the Kings into 9th, while taking over 8th. Deja Vu all over again? I’m afraid of this game, but I’m banking on the ‘real’ Kings to show up and get the win. I’d like to bookend the season series with a solid win (just like they did in the first game), as opposed to scoring only one goal in the previous 2 games combined. The offense is back and it’s pissed. Kings 4-1
Matt Murray These two teams are evenly matched and are both scrambling for a playoff position. The Flames just snapped a five-game skid on Monday, whiile the Kings are trying to avoid a losing streak of their own. My guess is the Kings have more in the tank, and should be able to get past the Flames. (empty-netter by Kopitar) Kings 3-1
Jon Gillette Because that’s what HAS to happen! Kings 4-2
CB14 This is a HUGE game for both teams tonight. Will the Kings
offense show back up? I don’t think so, unfortunately. :(
Flames 2-1
Dominick Score some goals for fucks sake! Kings 3-2 R
Player-X He’s burning up with playoff desire… Flames 2-1
Kingsfanone The Kings continue their mental slide, and just can’t seem to get Murray’s brainwashing cleansed completely out. This loss isn’t the backbreaker keeping them out if the playoffs. That one was the el-foldo vs the Wings, and they can’t recover. You can say what you wish, but if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, well, neither SoCal team is going to make it. The difference is the Kings just don’t know it yet.
As I have continued to rant, this team is NOT mentally strong. They keep proving it. Tonite is another example. Sad.
Flames 2-0
Cynic We can’t seem to score in the last 2 losses. Calgary will forecheck us HARD, which is what the last 2 teams did. It’ll be tough, but Calgary turnovers and penalties from overtrying will get us a lucky 2-1 win. Not a lot of faith in this team right now after seeing some lackluster play the last 2. Passing has been horrible, positioning just as bad. Gotta tighten things up to win. Kings 2-1 R
Hipcheck Just as so not to be characterized as a pessimist.. I’m picking the Kings the rest of the season. Ill go Kings 9 Calgary 3 with taylor, sandstrom, and granato all getting hat tricks. Kings 9-3
KC23 Kopitar line gets back on track. Kings 4-1
KingsFanFTW The Reality Kings are back where they cant seem to find the back of the net but still get a win… Kings 2-1 R

*Predictions are sorted by current standings. Bloggers are in bold and linked to their respective websites.

What is this about? Matt Murray from Life in Hockeywood proposed a Kings blogger prediction panel for the last 32 games of the season. Seven websites are represented on the panel and we simply predict the score of the game and give a reason why we believe it will turn out that way. Also invited are commenters from LA Kings Insider to compete against us!

Playing: Simply predict the score of the game and give a reason why you think it will go that way. I will email you before every game to get your predictions.

Scoring: A win gets you 2 points. Or a correct score gets you 3 points (exacta). Or a correct score (along with regulation, overtime or shootout correct) gets you 4 points (perfecta). Standings will be sorted by Points, Win/Loss, Plus/Minus, Exacta/Perfecta.

Playoffs: The Top 10 predictors in the standings at the end of the regular season will qualify for the esteemed Playoff Prediction Panel. You will be looked upon for guidance on blogs and admired all across the Kingdom. Trumpets will sound wherever you go. There’s still loads of time to crack the Top 10.

Plus/Minus: Minus are only counted if you lose. Otherwise, the worst you can get is Even. If you lose, you get a -1 for every goal you’re wrong in your prediction. Then one of the following… If you predict one correct score then you get a +1. If you predict the total number of goals in the game correct then you get a +1. If you predict the exact score then you get a +3. If you predict the exact score and ending (reg/ot/so) then you get a +4.

What do I win?: Not sure yet. The winner will get something though.

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