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R.I.P. Deep Inside


With a not-so-heavy heart, I must report to you that Deep Inside the Kings has died. It was fun here while it lasted but it’s time to move on to bigger and better things. While it is not sad in any way, it does mark the start of a new adventure. I hope [...]

Kingstradamus: Game Predictions

Insert Cheesy "Flame" Reference Here…

PUCK PROPHECY Game 27 of 32 – Kings vs. Flames Kings & Queen Predictions Score trytodethroneus KINGS won’t give the flamers any ppg that dallas was so generous with the other night. Hopefully Quick won’t be generous, either. Kings 3-1 40YearKingsFan Because if they lose this one their [...]

Kingstradamas Results: Game 26

The Big Tease: 2 goals in 3 games isn't gonna cut it.

Congratulations: No Exactas for the 3rd straight game. Kinda like the Kings. There was a shakeup in the standings however. The venerable Matt Murray jumped back into a playoff spot, displacing fellow blogger, Jon Gillette who slipped into 11th. With [...]

Kingstradamus: Game Predictions

PUCK PROPHECY Game 26 of 32 – Kings vs. Canucks Kings & Queen Predictions Score trytodethroneus ‘nucks 1st home game back from a 4 games in 6 days roadie, minus a ginger. KINGS will do just enough to get by tonight. Kings 3-2 R 40YearKingsFan Because if we’re seriously a playoff team, we bounce [...]